Speakers ICOP 2023

Aguado Munoz Raquel

Director, FEDEMCO - Spanish Federation of Wooden Light Weight Packaging and Components (ES)

Alías Cantón Manuel

General Secretary, Agricultural Funds and Rural Development (ES)

Altisent Rosell Rosa

Area Manager - Plant Science, IRTA - Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology (ES)

Andrade Goncalo

President & CEO of Portugal Fresh (PT) Executive Vice-President of the Confederation of Portuguese Farmers Executive Vice-President of Lusomorango - Berries Producers Organization Director of the Agrifood Chain Programme at AESE Business School Partner at Casa Prudencio - Agribusiness company

Bori Kristine

DG AGRI, Unit B.1 Economic sustainability, fruit and vegetables, European commission (EC)

Braunstein Wolfgang

CEO, gfa - consulting gmbh (AT)

Caselli Simona

President, AREFLH - Assembly of European Fruit, Vegetable and Horticultural Regions (IT)

Contreras Tamayo Carlota

Project Management, Agri-PV, BayWa re. (ES)

De Smet Kris

Business Unit Manager Europe, Koppert (ES)

Edelmann Kerstin

Seniorconsultant, gfa-consulting (AT)

Lara Cruz Juan Jesùs

CEO, CASÍ - Cooperativa Agraria (ES)

Lefort Alice

Product Manager Agri-PV, BayWa r.e. (FR)

Molina Zamora José Luis

CEO, Grupo Hispatec (ES)

Pérez Mesa Juan Carlos

Professor in the Economics and Business Studies Department, University of Almería (ES)

Torrellas Tomé Adrián

Head of area for Producer Organisations and Operational Programmes, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ES)

Van der Blom Jan

Coordinator of the Dept. Production Techniques, Association of Horticultural Producers and Exporters in Almería, COEXPHAL (ES)

Vanoirbeek Luc

Chairman, Working party for fruit and vegetables, Copa-Cogeca (BE)

Villarroel Antonio

Secretary General, ANOVE (ES)

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